Distracted driving has always been a safety concern.

Approximately 9 people die every day, while another 1000 gets injured, thanks to distracted driving. About 400,000 people get hurt each year in car accidents involving distracted drivers. And these are avoidable occurrences.

It is common knowledge that cell phone use while driving is dangerous, yet lots of people still engage in this dangerous habit.

We often believe we are not really distracted and can safely multitask. Folks take to texting and chatting while behind the wheels, hence putting their lives and others in danger.

In the face of this safety concern, OnMyWay has emerged to help curtail the problem.

Their strategy is all about rewarding users for staying off their phones and focusing on the road while they drive. They reward you with real cash for helping them in their mission to stop the trend of texting and driving. 

In this blog post, we will be learning about how this must-have-app works and how you can cashout out with it. 

How does OnMyWay work?

Here’s How OnMyWay Actually Works


Firstly, users are to download the OnMyWay app for free and grant the app’s required permission to administer your phone. This is because the app needs certain access to your phone to function as designed. It needs to access your location to detect when you start driving and track the miles you drive.

The app automatically activates when you are driving more than 10 miles per hour and disables your text messages and app alert so you can keep an eye on the road.

You can still accept and make calls while the app is activated as long as your phone is connected to in-car Bluetooth.

You can even play music and use your GPS while the app is activated; you simply have to start them before you start your drive.

You can start playing your music from any streaming app while you are still parked and then go back and forth between songs on your lock screen when you hit the road.

The same applies to the GPS; start your route before driving, and view your route from your lock screen.  

However, if you are a passenger in a vehicle going over 10 MPH, the OnMyWay app tracks it as your drive too. As long as your phone stays locked through the drive, you will earn every mile. 

On sign up, new members receive a $10 sign up bonus. Users earn $.05 OnMyWay cash for every mile they drive.

There’s also the $2 referral bonus which you get when someone signs up with your unique link, and another $.02 OnMyWay cash when your referrals drive each safe mile. 

Everything you accumulate is reflected in your Available Cash. There is no limit to the number of miles you can get paid on, plus you are free to accumulate as much OnMyWay cash as possible. 

Cashing Out With OnMyWay


Some users often misunderstand the cash out options currently available to them on OnMyWay.

However, here’s how it works.

Cash accumulated on OnMyWay can be used to purchase one of the featured offers on the app’s home page.

There are a series of offers from vendors partnering with OnMyWay, which you may find interesting.

You simply use your earnings to purchase a deal from the participating store with your earnings, 

Also, OnMyWay offers series of Marathon deals that you can take advantage of to receive large deposits to your bank directly in exchange for various qualifications such as a certain amount of OnMyWay Cash, a specific number of referrals, etc. 

Note that OnMyWay Cash cannot be deposited directly to your bank, at least for now; however, they can only be used to redeem these marathon deals.

The deals can be gift cards, special offers, or bank deposits. However, it would help if you watch out for the deals so you can snag one before they sell out.

You can purchase a gift card on the OnMyWay app for vendors such as Pereless Sunglasses and Modern Merch. Check out the OnMyWay app home page to see what they are offering. 

OnMyWay Cash


The OnMyWay app is easy to love. Earn money while fighting distracted driving? But OnMyWay aims to pay people to do something they should do. Its goal is to incentivize good behavior with small rewards.

With the OnMyWay app, you get to accumulate cash and you can redeem Marathon deals.